Hi, I’m Ben! I’m from the Philippines and I’m interested in a lot of stuff!

This is my first blog in more than 7 years. I used to run different sites covering different niches back in the days but decided to move on to something else when I got bored of writing content and managing the server side of it.

I moved on to providing customer and technical support online and dabbled in server administration tasks as well as web development where I got a chance to design and build an employee intranet for a big business based in the United States.

I finished my degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Major in Programming in March, 2017 but that’s not the only undergraduate course I took in college. I spent years on my Bachelor of Arts in English, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, and some months for Bachelor of Science in Commerce, and Bachelor of Science in Public Administration.

It’s not that I spent all those years not knowing what I really like–I just happen to like them all! My professional track record though, is a bit more consistent.

After leading the local youth federation of our city, and representing them in the city council, which involves a lot of public relations, I went to work for a call center which taught me more about customer service, which is more or less the same. I then quit that to work for myself as a freelance support provider over upWork (formerly oDesk), and did social media marketing for the family business.

My spare time is spent on pursuing various projects from gardening to home automation using Arduino and Raspberry Pi, developing desktop application, trying to learn mobile application and Arduino-Android integration, crafting DIY electronic gizmos, fixing computers, wirecrafting, writing, and playing online games (mostly MOBA).

This blog, will be a repository of all the things I love to do, a catalog of the the videos, books, images, and applications that I like, an outlet to rant and rave about politics, a platform to showcase what I do, what I’m doing, and where I’m heading.

Feel free to interact on any post and page or leave us a message via our Contact Page should you have questions and requests.

Thank you.