Post Number 5

cropped-81a0a37e2efb6d71f16aa12cd2ff480a.jpegTechnically, this is post number 4 but I counted the About Page because that one required some time to write as well. As I mentioned on that page, this blog is born out of a graduate school project requiring us to submit 5 links to a blog post as part of a Multimedia course. If you’re reading this, and your name is James Brian Flores, well, I’m blaming you for all this! Just kidding.

I never thought I would be setting up a WordPress blog again until I had to do this. I never thought I would be theme surfing and customizing another site ’till I dug in and had so much fun.I never thought I could write as much as what I’ve written since I started writing the first post, but I did it felt empowering!

A few months ago, I was asked by my undergraduate studies instructor to conjure an article to comply with requirements for Ethics class but my brain refused to work. I was able to write one up but it’s something more like a badge of shame. I have resisted opening an FB Messenger chat with sir Cle-cle since then to avoid the shame of having to read that piece.

I’m not sure if I’d be able to maintain this momentum and keep writing on this blog but I’m hoping this is a gateway back to blogging for money. There’s a lot to do before that happens though. I need to get an Adsense account again and review English grammar cause I’m way off the right path. Those years of churning out spun articles that don’t follow the correct syntax for the sake of keyword optimization did a lot of damage… not that I was good at writing in the first place.

Although I can still pontificate on facebook, it’s still better to do it on a blog. I’ve learned to have more restraint since a few years ago (according to me) but I still do it from time to time.

The ability to add multimedia on a post, and pick themes is still better here. Though FB added a way to categorize posts by putting it on an album like they did with pictures, it may take a long time before it can offer the full functionality of a blogging platform as robust and dynamic as WordPress even on this limited subdomain.

I’m planning to curate old facebook posts and put it all here. Might take some time as fb shows posts chronologically and some of the longer posts where I ponder about life and  share my learning are stacked along with random FB updates. I’m not sure that would happen really as there are a lot of other stuff to do and a lot more changes to adopt to in the coming days.

Ugh! A lot of thoughts are rushing in right now but I can’t write them all here, can I? I must end it here, I guess.

P.S. Bendz, if you’re reading this from the future, always remember your promise to keep on doing IT stuff even though you’re doing something else. Hope you’re doing better and still not tied up. Not having a family can be lonely but it’s less complicated. Remember that!


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