My Digital Time Capsule

When I left blogging some 7 or 8 years ago, I never thought I would be doing it again specially in the age where facebook is already the primary platform for self-expression in the digital world and not just another website where we post links to our new blog post to get ranked high on Google’s SERP or Search Engine Result Page.

I started blogging on Blogspot cause I didn’t have money to buy domain and hosting. I did it for the money. It was an in thing for gamers to do back in the days. Most players talk about earning online while playing Tantra, a popular massive multiplayer online role playing game once run by ABS-CBN.

I believe it took me a year or so before I earned enough dollars from clicking adds, solving captchas, dropping Entrecards and exchanging those credits for real money.

Had I known better, I would have posted those tants about life in the province or local politics on the Blogspot hosted blog instead of my own shared web server. I could still have access to them instead of being lost for all eternity as GoDaddy, formats the drive that once hosted my musings. But I guess not having to read all those posts is a blessing.

I recently revisited my old blog to see if there are articles I could reuse for this assignment. For those of you who don’t know why I’m doing this, it’s because I am currently enrolled in a Multimedia course as part of the requirements for a Masters’ Degree in Information Technology and we have to write 5 blog posts and have it viewed by at least 10 eyes.

Behind the number of spammy keyword optimized paid posts, which might have added to the list of reasons why Google Adsense people decided to ban my account, lies a collection of confessions about how I felt about life, why I decided to quit online games, what I think about people, and a lot of other ones which I regret posting now that I don’t have the password to go in and set them to private.

Digging through the posts takes me back to the time I wrote them. Some of the posts even reminds me of the place where I wrote it, the brand of cigarette I smoked while marinating in front of the screen. I never thought they would have so much power.

Here are line from a post about quitting online gaming that just makes me chuckle. Had I known that it would take me another 10 years to finish a degree and that online gaming would lead me to working online, I would not have been overly dramatic.

Some people may have considered such addiction to an online game unhealthy or even unwise specially for a 22-year old who’s supposed to be spending time finishing college or having a day job but I find it rewarding although I regret some parts of it specially when it comes to keeping in touch with my “real” social groups.

This next line lifted from my farewell speech as an ex-officio member of the city council reminds me of how it felt like that day; how life felt uncertain and how it felt liberating as well.

And most especially,/ to the youth of the city of Maasin as represented by their corresponding SK Chairmen, /for choosing me to be their voice on the City Council.

I hope the programs and projects I spearheaded have made a difference in their lives.

Here’s a conclusion to a review of the movie “Jesus Christ Superstar” where I pander on my Theology instructor’s admiration for all things Jesus. She’s a nun and not really so bright, I must say.

Their emotions hit so hard in my heart, songs in the film are very chilling and never fails to give me goose bumps every time I hear it. All realistic and I could even feel their feelings towards the story. I am so amazed that I even downloaded every song sung in the movie and until now I play them a couple of times a day and everything in the movie flashes back in my mind.

I might have gotten away with it by doing something like this:


I guess I should end here. Everything else is just negativity. This last one is a gem, no doubt about it.


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